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Thanks for visiting ReadyToDefend.com

I started Ready to Defend in May of 2008 to help bold, brave American’s take a stand against crime and make a statement to family, friends and neighbors.

Our flag-ship products, across all of our categories is our ‘Nothing Inside Is Worth Dying For® message. That message captures our core attitude – that we refuse to become victims. And it’s not just idle talk; we

When discussing safety, security or self-defense, I have often heard, ‘I refuse to live in fear’ – usually said with a scoff or disdain of the concept of thinking ahead, planning how we might keep our families safe.

Our customers come from every walk-of-life, are in every adult age group, every ethnicity and believe it or live all around the globe. While a healthy percentage of our customers are LEO’s (Law Enforcement Officers), Sheriff’s, Police Chiefs, Federal Agents, Navy Seals, Rangers, and service men and women in every branch of the U.S. Military we also have tens of thousands of soccer mom’s, doctors, lawyers, students, senior citizens and everyone in between. So if you share our attitude that we refuse to become victims of crime, you’re in good company.

Thank you for stopping by Ready to Defend –

We look forward to serving you and helping counting you as one of our nd adding you to our growing

P.S. Our products are NOT for everyone – we don’t mean for them to be. If you think the message is harsh or tactless or offensive, PLEASE do not buy our products.

While we can’t stop someone from buying or posting our products if you’re NOT armed, have at least rudimentary firearms training and have considered how you would respond to a threat and what action you’d take, DO NOT BUY OUR PRODUCTS… well, we do sell one product you might consider – our new THIS IS A GUN FREE HOME sign. It will help you communicate to your family, friends and neighbors your priorities. For the record, this sign (complete with a big yellow Happy Face) is a joke / gag sign for our anti-gun friends. Post it at your own risk.


In virtually 100% of all crimes, assaults, rapes, murders and every other crime, the victim(s) day or night starts off about like any other one. It’s almost a universal you or your love ones are the target of a crime, you’ve got LESS than 2 seconds to respond and take action. If you haven’t thought about what you’d do, you don’t have a plan in advance and you don’t have the tools / equipment / resources to take action… well, pretty much you’re screwed. You’ll find yourself at the mercy of someone… well good luck



If it’s you, your loved ones, or a friend or even an acquaintance, statistics won’t make being the survivor of a crime any easier. Being the victim of a crime is intensely personal. If the victim is a woman, a child, disabled or elderly and/or unable to defend themselves, the crime is just that much more egregious. Our company tag line is more than marketing – it’s based on reality, not statistics. Always Be Ready to Defend. If you’re not, you’ve almost surely lost the fight already.



In the infamous words of Hillary Clinton – what difference does it make? The truth is EVERY crime victim is targeted, either directly or indirectly. If you’re a victim of a crime, you were targeted on some level, e.g., either because you were at the mall when a lunatic criminal decided to open fire or because they saw you checking out at a department store with a Rolex on your wrist. The only thing that matters if you find yourself in the middle of crime or threat is are you ready to defend yourself / family?

Imagine, you’re stopping to get gas one afternoon and a crazed methhead decides to rob the convenience store where you, your husband or wife and your 10 year old child are getting ready to check out. Besides being scared to death seeing this wild-eyed lunatic walk in pointing his gangsta gun sideways, your 10 year old is going to look up to you because they KNOW they’re helpless.

This is, after all, your job to protect them. They will instinctively want to know that you’ve got this and you will protect them. My question to you is this… What are you going to do? What is your plan? You have less than 2 seconds to decide – and it could easily be a life-or-death decision. What are you going to do?


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