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SOLD OUT! - HexMag 30 Round Magazine for AR-15

SOLD OUT! - HexMag 30 Round Magazine for AR-15


(Out of stock)


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SOLD OUT! - HexMag 30 Round Magazine for AR-15

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Quick Overview

NEW! HexMag 30 Round Magazine for AR-15

Bullet Model # HEXMAG30  
Bullet Construction: Heavy Duty Polymer  
Bullet Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty  
Bullet Includes Bright Orange Follower & Latch Plate  
Bullet Holds 30 rounds of .223, 5.56 or 300 Blackout  
Bullet ORDER HexID Color Kits Seperately  
Bullet Proudly Made in the U.S.  
Bullet 100% Money Back Guarantee  

NEW! HEXMAG 30 Round AR-15 Magazine

This is a very cool, color-customizable AR magazine system with flawless ammo feed. So if you've got an AR, you likely have mags ready-packed with a variety of ammo - plinking rounds, varmint rounds, xm855's but it's hard to tell what ammo is in what magazine. With the optional HexID color system, you can swap out the standard bright orange follower and the bottom latch plate to any of the 5 other colors. It's a great system to keep your mags yours, or to help identify your varmint rounds from your xm855 rounds.

All HexMag 30 round mags stock with the bright orange follower and latch floor plate and the hexagonal grip pattern for positive handling and lock-in on all mil-spec lowers.

IMPORTANT: HexID color kits are sold separately! Stock HEXMAG 30's come ONLY with the bright orange follower and latch plate. If you want to swap out the colors, you'll need to order a HexID 4-Pack kit (enough to swap out 4 magazine) to exchange the orange follower / latch plate with ZOMBIE GREEN, RED, YELLOW, BLUE, or even the BLACKOUT. First time swapping out the HexID kits may take you anywhere from 1 - 3 minutes but afterwards, you can knock it out in 30 seconds.

P.S. if you've got a retail store and want to carry HEXMAG - call us for dealer pricing too!


Availability: Out of stock

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