About RTD

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I started Ready to Defend in May of 2008 to help bold, brave American’s take a stand against crime and make a statement to family, friends and neighbors.

Our customers come from every walk-of-life, are in every adult age group, every ethnicity and believe it or live all around the globe. While a healthy percentage of our customers are LEO’s (Law Enforcement Officers), Sheriff’s, Police Chiefs, Federal Agents, Navy Seals, Rangers, and service men and women in every branch of the U.S. Military we also have tens of thousands of soccer mom’s, doctors, lawyers, students, senior citizens and everyone in between. So if you share our attitude that we refuse to become victims of crime, you’re in good company.

Thank you for stopping by Ready to Defend – we look forward to serving you and helping equip you to avoid becoming a victim of crime in the first place.

Stay sharp, stand strong!
James Miller and the RTD Team